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Self Imposed Cultural Isolation (Part 1?)

I have been fascinated by sociology recently. I love to observe human behaviour. The amount I can observe is limited, but I can learn so much from my student environment.

The term I’m using is one that my friend had thought of. Self imposed cultural isolation. Basically, groups of certain cultures, races, ethnic group isolate themselves from other ethnic groups and cultures. It seems simple enough, but when you think about it, it is a growing problem within our youth.

In my area, there are many minorities. People of oriental, indian, african america descent and more. However, although this does seem nice, I’ve found that these ethnic groups group together. They band together, and form groups of cultural superiority.

For example, I can see the Cliques at my school. However, they’re not so much cliques as bands of people of the same ethnicity. For example, all the african americans at my school “Hang Out” with each other, and walk, talk, and do stuff together. There are so many cultural superiority groups here, with the asians banding together, walking, talking, and pounding their chest two times with their fist,  extending their arm out and giving what seems to be a “Peace” sign and saying “Asian Pride (yo)”.

This isn’t that bad, right?


In a world of highly impressionable children, these minorities will flock together, believe they are superior, and be racist, and racially insensetive.

Those are just some of the reprecussions of this. This post is what I hope to be the first of many on tis subject.

Posted by: kiwitoast | January 24, 2010

Television Shows

Television was a fantastic invention. It lets people learn, it lets people relax, and most of all, it lets people sit infront of their television, watching television. In my case, that’s sitting infront of my computer, watching television shows.

For the record, I do actually watch shows on television.

However, I do watch many shows. For instance, the better part of my afternoon yesterday was spent catching up on 30 rock

Here is my list of my favourite shows, in a particular order. That order happens to be that the ones I enjoy the most are at the top

-How I Met Your Mother= The Big Bang Theory

-Burn Notice

-30 Rock

Thats about it. For shows that are currently playing. Now, why do I enjoy these shows? I am quite glad you asked, or didn’t ask. I asked so I could have something to write about.

how i met your mother

No those un-capitalized letters were not a mistake. That’s how it’s shown in their opening title. Deal with it.

Have we dealt with it yet?


how i met your mother is great. A lot of people don’t enjoy it, but it be honest, it plus the big bang theory make mondays one of my favourite days of the week. It’s funny. It’s a romantic comedy as well. Yes yes, ridicule me all you want but romantic comedies are awesome. However, the award here for why this is one of my favourite shows undoubtedly goes towards Barney. Barney Stinson. Neil Patrick Harris. First of all, it’s played by freaking Neil Patrick Harris. Come on. If you don’t like him, I am so sorry. You suck, by the way. He’s everything a man could want to be and then some. Except that NPH is actually gay, but that’s another story for another time.

To sum it up- Neil Patrick Harris is in this.

The Big Bang Theory

I love nerd shows. I really do. It gives me something to relate to. Now I’m not saying I’m a theoretical physicist, but I can relate and understand the stuff dealing with the stuff that doesn’t require real intellectual talent, but more a knowledge of geek culture.  The MVP of this show is undoubtedly Sheldon. Although he’s a narcissist, Sheldon just symbolizes everything that’s right with this world. Except for you know, being anti-social. But all in all, it’s a great show if you’re a geek, and even if you’re not, I’m sure you could enjoy some rock paper scissors lizard spock every now and then.

Burn Notice

The reason that this isn’t up there with himym and the big bang theory is simply because it has breaks during its run time. Also it doesn’t show where I live on TV (gosh darned Canada). This show is not only a break from my other shows, it is super-awesome BADASS. Yes, completely freaking badass. Don’t watch this show and say you don’t like Michael Westen cause he is a BADASS. Everytime I watch this show it gives me a rush, makes me feel awesomer than I actually am. Michael Westen obviously gets the best character award.

30 Rock

This show is great. I love it. It’s funny, happy, and just a pleasure to watch. I love shows that make me happy, and what do you know, this show makes me happy! There are sad shows, dark shows, shows that make you think. But 30 rock is a happy show. These are the best kind. Favourite character award here goes to Liz. Yeah, I mean, tracy and jack are great, but liz is just awesome. She reminds me of me a bit, someone who eats a lot (suprisingly, I am underweight), enjoys geek culture, and everything. Except she’s a woman. But yeah. Awesome.

To sum up-makes me happy. is funny.

There are 2 types of shows I enjoy the most. Badass shows, and shows that make me happy. 30 Rock, how i met your mother, and the big bang theory fall into the happy section, while Burn Notice is just extremely epic. I love it.

So yeah, that’s a nice little summary of what TV shows I enjoy and why I enjoy them. For shows like 30 Rock and Burn notice, I was finding it hard to describe why I enjoy them. But there’s one reason here for them, and all of them.

They’re Awesome.

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Toast and Life

This is the first blog post of what I hope to be many.

Blogs are interesting, aren’t they? People talk about their lives and some people read it.

A pretty simple concept.

Some specialize in computers. Other in pop culture and celebrity drama.

Many just specialize in their life

It’s their life, after all.

However, not everyone has a niche

Or some have them, but they change over time.

This blog will talk about contemporary things, my life, and some things I mull over in my head.

So how ’bout that Conan O’ Brien?

It’s a shame, really. I really enjoyed his show. I did. And last nights show was just… Yeah. That’s a new adjective that I have coined. “Yeah”. But anyhow, I was watching it, and he was like. Don’t be cynical.

That was my epiphany in life.

The past while I’ve been a sarcastic, cynical person who hasn’t offered much to the world other than pretending to be a nice guy on occasion.

I can feel the repercussions now. I have attracted the hate of many over the years.

Of course, this won’t stop me from arguing for what is right(perhaps that’s why so many people hate me). Everybody could do with being a little more right.

Perhaps my logic is flawed, and I may be vain. I don’t admit it often in the real world, but I am.

This blog might be a journey. A self improvement journal.

But there’s one thing for sure I’ve learned through this post.

Typing on a netbook is hell.