Posted by: kiwitoast | January 23, 2010

Toast and Life

This is the first blog post of what I hope to be many.

Blogs are interesting, aren’t they? People talk about their lives and some people read it.

A pretty simple concept.

Some specialize in computers. Other in pop culture and celebrity drama.

Many just specialize in their life

It’s their life, after all.

However, not everyone has a niche

Or some have them, but they change over time.

This blog will talk about contemporary things, my life, and some things I mull over in my head.

So how ’bout that Conan O’ Brien?

It’s a shame, really. I really enjoyed his show. I did. And last nights show was just… Yeah. That’s a new adjective that I have coined. “Yeah”. But anyhow, I was watching it, and he was like. Don’t be cynical.

That was my epiphany in life.

The past while I’ve been a sarcastic, cynical person who hasn’t offered much to the world other than pretending to be a nice guy on occasion.

I can feel the repercussions now. I have attracted the hate of many over the years.

Of course, this won’t stop me from arguing for what is right(perhaps that’s why so many people hate me). Everybody could do with being a little more right.

Perhaps my logic is flawed, and I may be vain. I don’t admit it often in the real world, but I am.

This blog might be a journey. A self improvement journal.

But there’s one thing for sure I’ve learned through this post.

Typing on a netbook is hell.


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