Posted by: kiwitoast | January 24, 2010

Self Imposed Cultural Isolation (Part 1?)

I have been fascinated by sociology recently. I love to observe human behaviour. The amount I can observe is limited, but I can learn so much from my student environment.

The term I’m using is one that my friend had thought of. Self imposed cultural isolation. Basically, groups of certain cultures, races, ethnic group isolate themselves from other ethnic groups and cultures. It seems simple enough, but when you think about it, it is a growing problem within our youth.

In my area, there are many minorities. People of oriental, indian, african america descent and more. However, although this does seem nice, I’ve found that these ethnic groups group together. They band together, and form groups of cultural superiority.

For example, I can see the Cliques at my school. However, they’re not so much cliques as bands of people of the same ethnicity. For example, all the african americans at my school “Hang Out” with each other, and walk, talk, and do stuff together. There are so many cultural superiority groups here, with the asians banding together, walking, talking, and pounding their chest two times with their fist,  extending their arm out and giving what seems to be a “Peace” sign and saying “Asian Pride (yo)”.

This isn’t that bad, right?


In a world of highly impressionable children, these minorities will flock together, believe they are superior, and be racist, and racially insensetive.

Those are just some of the reprecussions of this. This post is what I hope to be the first of many on tis subject.


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